Tuesday, 14 June 2016


I am finally here in the blogging world...
The idea of creating this space has been with me a longtime and thanks to the weekend I have just spent, today it's happening.....

I booked myself onto a knitting retreat a few months ago and with slight trepidation as the weekend loomed I headed down to Rye in East Sussex last Friday and stepped into a time of blissful belonging as the weekend unwound.

This was a completely new experience for me. I am a somewhat hermit in my day to
day living and to willing put myself into the company of others, none of whom I knew,
was a big step for me.

On arrival however the calmness I need was delivered as I stepped over the doorstep and was given the biggest hug by Natasha as I was welcomed me into her home from home for the weekend.

For the first time in many years I felt cherished and nurtured in the company of these amazingly warm, funny and truly inspiration women. Yes we all arrived with yarn the focal and joining thread to us all but by the end of the weekend we had all found many more things to tie us together.

This time of escape was needed so much more than I originally realised and I have 
returned grounded, refuelled with confidence in what I am doing and the direction I
want to take myself creatively and spiritually, hence these ramblings are now here in
the wide world for you to share with me.

The retreat was the creation of Natasha from 'Taking A Moment In Time' and not only did it allow retreating from the everyday world, it allowed retreating from thoughts.
Throughout our days we meandered between knitting and crochet, workshops, the most delicious food that magically arrived in front of us, conversations that allowed us 
to be ourselves and nourished our inner souls as we collectively came together in 
likeminded unison and felt accepted for who we are.

On arrival we were gifted this stunning hand dyed yarn that Natasha had created for us and shawls were cast on.
Mine is almost finished and I shall share with you later in the week the completion photographs.

Kristina from Written In Cloth delighted us all by freely sharing secrets and technique as we took over the eating table with yarn, dye and glorious laughter and support as we expressed ourselves and created our own beautiful yarn.

Dean and Jeska Herne from Lobster and Swan and The future Kept provided very special company and knowledge in the true art of style and photography and provided one on one guidance as we touched on how to best photograph the creations we loving make.

Janice Issit bought Norweign colour work knitting to us wrapped up in brown paperbags and showed us what delights could be created with two basic colours.

Time filled with a wander around the beautiful Town of Rye which for me holds childhood memories, along with the swimming, and being able just to be with my knitting needles at anytime of the day, provided a little piece of paradise that won't ever be forgotten.

Natasha is a lady to be admired and if you ever get the opportunity to join a circle of likeminded women, please don't hesitate to take it, you will be cherished whilst there and have a part of you regained to enable new beginnings to happen.

Thank you for sharing this first post with me xx


  1. So lovely Kate. It was wonderful to meet you and I'm sure we will meet again soon. Xxx